A proven
track record

RTC has a proven track record of success that consistently yields excellent results for all of our stakeholders (investors, management partners, employees and organizations).

Emerging Star
Emerging Star

Round Table Capital is a emerging star in the lower middle market private equity market.

Fair & Pragmatic
Fair & Pragmatic

We are fair and pragmatic deal partners that take a collaborative partnership approach believing in the strength of trust and relationships.


We believe that investing in talent is the best use of capital for long-term, sustainable investment results.


Our playbook is a differentiated spin on the traditional Buy & Build private equity investment strategy. RTC does not rely heavily on financial engineering and cost stripping, rather we utilize strategically acquisitive growth to drive organic growth, which in turn drives increased margins and expanded opportunities for our employee base.


We employ what we call an “Integrated Peers” Buy & Build model, whereby we bring together strategically complementary peers of similar size and makeup. In our model, it is the amalgamation of the leadership teams, best practices, business processes and systems, coupled with the bespoke corporate infrastructures that we build for each strategy, that become the “platform”.

Talent Centric

We build organizations that focus on acquiring, recruiting, retaining and developing talented professionals. We believe in fostering talent and creating environments where talent has the resources and opportunities to thrive. We understand that while this requires significant upfront investment, it ultimately pays huge dividends.


We believe that different stage businesses require distinct strategies, expertise, and incentives, which are often difficult to achieve in concert with market and stakeholder expectations. We tailor our transactions and customize each strategy to help companies and business owners take on these challenges.


We take a collaborative partnership approach to dealmaking that recognizes that we are ultimately all on the same team – we focus on how to expand the pie for all stakeholders, not just take the biggest slice.


We believe deeply in employee ownership and work with our partners through the transaction process and beyond to create ownership opportunities for key leaders throughout all of our organizations.


We take a thematic approach to investing – this process involves developing a deep, informed thesis and robust deal pipeline before executing on an opportunity. We develop these approaches in concert with Operating Partners, who are experts in our target industries, and capable of building and leading the market leading companies that we build together.

Targeted Sectors

Professional and Infrastructure Services

We seek out large, mature, highly fragmented industries with sustainable growth tailwinds. These dynamics yield a wealth of buying opportunities in our target markets.

Business Services

We build our investment theses around the unique benefits to consolidation in each market, with a laser focus on how strategically acquisitive growth can yield organic growth synergies and margin expansion.

Healthcare Services

We look for industries where the comparable valuation multiples for scaled, middle-market leaders are approximately twice as high as the entry multiples are for specialized lower middle-market entities. This multiple arbitrage potential supercharges our value creation.